What’s worse, an attractive woman who is naive, and doesn’t realize that men are coming on to her, or an attractive woman who pretends that she doesn’t realize that men are coming on to her?

A man has a hot girlfriend.  He likes the fact that she’s hot, and that other men (and women) find her attractive.  She’s a girly girl who is straight up fancy – hair done, nails done, everything did.  His problem with her is that she allows herself to be put into situations with other guys that could be considered “questionable.”  Nothing blatantly disrespectful, but those subtle little eyebrow raising scenarios.  She always leaves just enough wiggle room to claim (or feign) innocence or ignorance

For example, she’s had a couple of guys from her past reach out to her on social media.  Again, nothing blatant in the beginning.  They weren’t old boyfriends or anything, just guys she went to school with who were trying to reach out.  Or so she (supposedly) thought.

So, at some point she’s sitting with the boyfriend and her phone rings.  She answers the phone with an exasperated tone – heavy sigh and all.  She brushes the caller off quickly, then innocently tells her boyfriend about how this dude from her past has been sweating her.  Calling and texting, and shit, even though she has made it clear that she has a boyfriend and has no interest, other than him “liking” her Facebook photos – after all, she still wants people from back-in-the-day to see she’s still looking good.

The boyfriend responds the way any boyfriend would, assuming he has testicles:  “How did he get your phone number?” (See, men understand that a dude’s going to be a dude.  We expect that.  Fairly or unfairly, we put the onus on our women to avoid that foolishness altogether.)

The girlfriend goes on to explain that “he said he just wanted to talk to me to see how my mother is doing.  So I gave him my number.”

And with the other guy it was “he said he wanted to ask me a question, but he didn’t want to do it over the internet.  So I gave him my number.”

Now the boyfriend has got to deal with his woman being bombarded with phone calls from dudes trying to “get reacquainted” with her.  (Of course, “get reacquainted” is a total euphemism for a dude trying to fuck your girlfriend.)

The boyfriend considers himself a modern man, in a modern world, so he tries to move past it.  Social media is here to stay.  Afterall, she’s HIS girl, and they are together.  In fact, after one of several arguments on the subject, he decided to let it go and trust his girl.  He can’t worry about these other clowns out here.  They’re clowns, after all.  The brother was at peace with it.  Finally.

Early one morning, as the sun was rising, the boyfriend decided to put that “morning wood” to good use and make love to his beautiful woman.  (Mm, mm, mm, nothing like making love first thing in the morning.)  It was great.

In his head he’s thinking yes, this is what it’s all about.  He pulls his lady close and hugs her tightly, basking in the afterglow of their sweet morning session.  Then her hears it.  Her phone chirps.  She’s gotten a text message.

A she reaches for her phone, he gently grabs her hand.  He leans over her and grabs it off the nightstand himself.  Some dude has sent her a text message:  “Good morning beautiful.  I’m thinking about you.”

You can guess the rest.  They had a big fight.  Now he’s mad and insisted she block the guy from her phone.  And she’s mad because she feels she did nothing wrong, and that the boyfriend is overreacting and being controlling.  This whole scenario has led to a loss of trust on the boyfriend’s part.

Anyway, the point is that all of this should have been avoided.  She knew, or should have known, that these guys were trying to do more than just say hi.  Hot girls should know better.  Lukewarm girls should know better.  Anybody over the age of 25 should know better.

The point is that, no woman (or man) in the year 2015 should be getting tricked out of their phone number.  And personally, I don’t think that they do.  I think they know exactly what’s going on.  People go into those situations with their eyes wide open.  They are enjoying the attention and/or exploring their options.