Welcome to our Inaugural Post!  The WILL Report is a forum that represents an ongoing dialogue among a collection of friends about the ups and downs of life – the good, the bad, and the crazy.  Especially the crazy.  Through it all, we hope to provide one another with, as the tagline says, Wise Insights on Life and Living.  (The L’s in the acronym could have also been Love and Lust, or Laughs over Liquor, or even Living with Lovehandles.)

We often get together to openly and honestly discuss our “takes” on politics, popular culture, and of course, the messy mix of personal relationships in our own lives.  The dialogues are often about supporting each other, solving the world’s problems, and making each other laugh.

Although there are several primary contributors, the majority of the content will be conveyed through a couple of people in the group (note: the names have been changed to protect the innocent):


Will the Realist, a man who has done it all, and seen it all.  (He’s done some of it anyway – but that doesn’t stop him from having an opinion on the rest of it.)  Will is one of those people who’s always startin’ some shit.  His favorite pastime is going to bars and arguing with white dudes about Obama.



Peachez, (or Peach-ass as she’s known in some circles) a strong, inependent woman who is tired of all the bullshit.  She’s smart, funny, and a great conversationalist – in spite of her emotional baggage. Oh, and she needs a man…of her own (probably a recurring theme for discussion.)

And The Advisory Board

woman-boardroom-men-working-590sd05212010 No, this is not our Advisory Board!!!


Ours is more like this:



The Advisory Board:  Do you have any nosey-ass friends who are always in your business, giving you unsolicited advice when their shit is all messy?  That characterizes the remaining several members of our group, collectively known as The Advisory Board.  They have a lot to offer too, and we’ll convey their thoughts and opinions as well.

We humbly think that our insights are wise (or sometimes weird, maybe wild), and should be shared with the world, or at the very least should be ridiculed by all who visit the site. We look forward to YOUR comments and insights, as well.


Now, we included this picture to demonstrate that we hope to have adult interactions on this site.  Plus, the ladies deserve a gratuitous sex shot every now and then.